Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My first projects!

So I started with crochet :) I find it a bit hard from time to time, but luckly I have my mom who is there to help me :) As you can find on my ravelry I have 2 projects going on at the moment. A whale and an Octopus. They are almost complete but I'm still strugling a bit with the tail from the whale and the legs from the Octopus.

After they are complete I'd like to start with the thing that facinates me the most and that are cats :) I already have some nice patterns that don't seem really hard to do :) and I hope I can complete one of this without too many problems :) But first I'd like to complete one of my ongoing projects :) That would be soooo nice ^^

Untill next time!

The_Cat =^.^=

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