Thursday, June 30, 2011

Books, manga's and some more books!


Today I'll be talking about some new books I got in the mail today :) I love cats, and some story's about them I love even more :) Especially of the fact that you can place yourself in the story's. So expect some cute crochet work when I'm a bit more experienced with crochet ^^

All the books I ordered from the Bookdepository. I highly recommend this site because they have very low prices on their books, and the best of all they deliver free! It's so great :) You can also find some books for crochet and they are cheap :D (I ordered one myself for only € 2,80 :D but it hasn't arrived yet.

This are some of the disadventages of the bookdepository. They deliver via mail and if the postordercompany works slow well it takes some time before they arrive :)

Buckley's story is about loving a cat and letting go :) Haven't read it yet but it sounds very pretty! Then a manga from World of Warcraft. Next we have Call of the wild & Wild fang, some classic books in english literature. started with call of the wild. and the last one in the picture is Life of Pi. A story about a boy who is the victim of a shipwreck and needs to survive with a zebra, a tiger and an other animal. The tiger eats all the animals except Pi. An amazing story but haven't finished it yet.

Next is a series of manga's I just started :) They are soooo cute and if you like cats, don't hesitate to buy this one! A small kitten gets lost from her family and is found by a child. A great story with very cat-a-like behaviour! Soo cute and it's in colour :)

The last one is a very very beautiful book about loving without seeing. A book of a blind cat who takes on everything what live throws at him :) I have finished this one, and I'd strongly advice you buy this one! It has some great life lessons!

Now I only have to find some time to read these books and finish my crochet work ^^

Untill next time!

The Cat  =^.^=

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