Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lot's of crochet!

Because it is so rainy here I did a lot of crochet ^^
I completed Moosje and made a 2nd hippo for someone :)
I even made a small kitty named Tanya Tiger :)
It was from Lion Brand Yarn and looked so cute, but sadly Lion Brand Yarn is not for sale in Belgium :(
So had to make it with some other wool but I think if i could have had the Lion Brand Yarn it would have looked better :)

The Hippo

Moosje (with my cat Tiggy ^^)

Tanya Tiger

Fruit ^^ With a crochet Banana :')

I also started with a new one but it's not far, so i'll post a bit more about it when I have made it a bit better and you can see an animal in it xD

Untill Next Time!

The Cat  =^.^=

Thursday, July 21, 2011



So I completed my Hippo (which was so fast I didn't even mentioned it in my blog xD)
It looked so cute when I started it, and it looks even more cute now that he is finished :D

Untill next Time!

The Cat  =^.^=

Sunday, July 17, 2011



So today it was not a nice weather so I decided to try and complete some of my projects :)
I made my apple completed with the worm :D

It looked so nice I decided it rightful place was between my fruit ^^

But it looked kinda sad out there, all by itself as a amigurumi with the real fruit, so it needed a friend ^^ So i tried to make the little pear as well ^^

And after all this work it was put there where it needed to be, right next to the apple :D

Have been working on Moosje as well :) but she isn't completed yet, still needs her ears and tail :p

But she can join the party between the cats already ^^

That was all for this rainy sunday ^^

Untill next time!

The Cat  =^.^=

Friday, July 15, 2011


Oh btw!

As you may notice, I have changed my background :) The 2 kitties you see are my 2 precious cats :D
Mollie is the black one and Tiggy is the striped one you see.
I am still trying to get the colours on my blog right, cause I don't want to get it to depressed in colours ^^
Hope I can get it good soon!

Untill next time!

The Cat  =^.^=

Moosje & Apple


So Moosje is looking more and more like an animal already :) her head and body are now finished, as well as her front legs and 1 back leg.

I hope to finish this little critter soon :) The original pattern and picture are made in grey or black, but since I found it hard to start with black I decided on some orange :) I hope it will look cute on her when she is completed :)

I also started with a new one (yes already ^^). One I think will look so great when it is completed :) It is an apple with a little worm in it! I have partially completed the apple's body :) but need to make his face before I can continue :) There is also a leaf I finished, but forgot it on the picture :p

Also received my manga Chi's sweet home V6 as mentioned in my previous post. And also got a book called Secretariat. It is a true story about America's fastest race horse! There is a movie about it as well if you are interested :)

Sadly the book of secreatariat is a bit damaged as you can see but it is also a very thick book and I think my mailman had to squeeze it trough ^^ But it's not that bad :) Risk of mail orders I suppose :)

Untill next time!

The Cat  =^.^=

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finished 2 projects and starting new one!


I'm happy to announce that I have finishes my 2 ongoing projects! My Whale and Octopus!
I finally got over the tail problems I had with the whale and was able to finish it. Later today My mom sewed on the octopus his feet and we are done :D

I have started a new project as well Yesterday, called Moosje by a pattern of Christel Krukkert :) Almost done with it's body and head :)

I also received my 6th volume of Chi's Sweet Home :) I'll post a picture of it later, it looks really great and can't wait to start reading it! But first I hope to finish my crochet Cat :D

Untill next time!

The Cat  =^.^=

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tail problems

So today I finished reading my first book, Life of Pi. After this was finished I decided I was going to crochet some more :) Great going, untill I got stuck. I am making a whale from a pattern from Brigitte Read, but in my mother tongue, Dutch. But I already found some translate errors in the pattern of the tail, where some numbers of row where changed to a lower number, this making it a bit hard to make it good ^^ But now I'm stuck at the tail >< Quite sucks

Luckily I can call in my Mom 911 line tomorrow ^^ She'll hopefully find the problem for me and make my tail look better then it is now :p

Till next Time!

The Cat  =^.^=