Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lot's of crochet!

Because it is so rainy here I did a lot of crochet ^^
I completed Moosje and made a 2nd hippo for someone :)
I even made a small kitty named Tanya Tiger :)
It was from Lion Brand Yarn and looked so cute, but sadly Lion Brand Yarn is not for sale in Belgium :(
So had to make it with some other wool but I think if i could have had the Lion Brand Yarn it would have looked better :)

The Hippo

Moosje (with my cat Tiggy ^^)

Tanya Tiger

Fruit ^^ With a crochet Banana :')

I also started with a new one but it's not far, so i'll post a bit more about it when I have made it a bit better and you can see an animal in it xD

Untill Next Time!

The Cat  =^.^=

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