Friday, July 15, 2011

Moosje & Apple


So Moosje is looking more and more like an animal already :) her head and body are now finished, as well as her front legs and 1 back leg.

I hope to finish this little critter soon :) The original pattern and picture are made in grey or black, but since I found it hard to start with black I decided on some orange :) I hope it will look cute on her when she is completed :)

I also started with a new one (yes already ^^). One I think will look so great when it is completed :) It is an apple with a little worm in it! I have partially completed the apple's body :) but need to make his face before I can continue :) There is also a leaf I finished, but forgot it on the picture :p

Also received my manga Chi's sweet home V6 as mentioned in my previous post. And also got a book called Secretariat. It is a true story about America's fastest race horse! There is a movie about it as well if you are interested :)

Sadly the book of secreatariat is a bit damaged as you can see but it is also a very thick book and I think my mailman had to squeeze it trough ^^ But it's not that bad :) Risk of mail orders I suppose :)

Untill next time!

The Cat  =^.^=


  1. Looks like you are getting the hang of it :).

    Moosje looks good in any color even purple hahahah.

    Great job already.

    Greetz Redo.

  2. Haha thanks :p But it's not that great :) I'm not even as good as a 1/4th of you :) You can even make your own things without a pattern :p I get lost with one :')