Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Lion


So first of all, I'm not dead :') I just had a lot to do and have more to do the coming days since of my exams. Yippie >< So not much happened, not much crochet stuff or gaming. Trying to study but hate it already. Seems like everything is going in and out at the same time.

But I managed to make a small little lion from the book from Lion Brand Yarn :) It looks really cute and I went out and buy some wool just for this little guy ^^ I thought it would be better then the cotton I used and it seemed I was right ^^

If you have the time, he probably doesn't take very long to make, but like I said, I've been so busy that he was just laying around just waiting to be sewed together :p But finally, here he is!

I hope to find the time to start on the little giraf as well :) He looks very cute too ^^

Untill next time!

The Cat  =^.^=

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