Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Projects!


I have started with a few new projects :) Got a few ones running and just making them when I have the time. I'm starting with a giraf from easy crochet critters, a cat from super super cute crochet and a cute little dragon from amigurumi & more.

But these past few days I got to know a new shop online, named ' het spoeltje ' And I must say I really like this shop :) My mom is making this cute little lion but she ran out of yarn, so we went to our local hobby shop and found out they had none of it left, and that it wasn't made anymore. So there we were, without yarn and an almost complete lion. Pulling it apart felt like such a shame because of all the hard work(it was our first experience with the brazilia yarn so really hard work :') ). So we left the lion and we decided we would look for the yarn later. I had also bought a book in which they used Phildar Cotton, and we didn't found that one eiter in our local hobbyshop. So I decided to use Google in our quest in search of cotton. And here we had some problems. We found a shop which sold the cotton, but they asekd for 18 euros just to send it to Belgium. Quite stupid cause the shop was located in the Netherlands. So I just looked further, and I came across a site called het spoeltje. They didn't had the Phildar Cotton, but boy did they had our supposed lost yarn who wasn't made anymore! So we instantly bought 3 balls and some other balls of cotton. Het spoeltje is also located in the Netherlands, but they only asked 5 euros to send it to Belgium. And just after a mere 3 days we already received our package! But what was more nice was actually what was in our package, not the balls of cotton, but a small cart with their information on it. And written on the back was a small message from the owner who wished us good luck with our work! Now how kind is that? A great shop who can expect some more orders from me!

So expect some more pictures of my projects somewhere the end of the week when all my exams are done and I finally have some time again to start with crochet ^^

Untill next time!

The Cat  =^.^=

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