Monday, August 1, 2011



So this time instead of some crochet pics I have some gaming news ^^! And let me tell you, it is fuuuuuun gaming news! today I bought myself an Xbox Kinect! I was always thinking about buying one, but the price just seemed so high. It was still not cheap when I bought it today but I thought what the heck ^^. I've been working a whole month so I could have something that could be something fun in preperation of my new year at University ^^

So I got myself the xbox kinect with the kinect adventures and and :D Kinectimals xD
The kitty with the game has a little tag that when you scan it into your kinect camera it finds the plushie. All sorts of these tags can be found on the internet. And I really must say, altough it seems for childeren, it is very very cute game and well, if you like kitties or animals, take this one home with you!

So I'm gonna have some morefun with my kinect!

Untill next time!

The Cat  =^.^=

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